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Weekly Inspirations #8 (and The Missing Tenenbaum)

Posted on Jun 19, 2013 by in Inspiration From The Web | 0 comments

snake fashion

It’s a NEW kind of fashion

Do you have a Kid Summer Bucket List? I see a blog post coming…

Really Good Reason to Make Your OWN Greek Yogurt

Well, what do you know…these old Victorian-Era Photographs reveal a breastfeeding trend – LOVE IT!!!!!

It won’t be this pretty – but I can’t wait to make this Paleo Coconut Cake

Stevie Nicks singing Wild At Heart – backstage while getting ready – <3

Grandmas’ Cuisines Around The World – my Grandma Helen’s would be PIE

Don’t believe sugar is scary? Watch THIS THEN decide – frightening!!

On the lookout for Gluten-Free Panko so I can make These Delicious Fish Tacos

Have you ever tree planted? These Photographs Are Amazing – but doesn’t make it very appealing – Eek (Luk Forsyth is from Stratford – incredible work)

new snake necklace

Gorgeous New Necklace

Would YOU do this? Not me!!!!

Would YOU do this? Not me!!!!


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